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The Home Comedy Theater’s Training Center is designed to help train and develop your comedic, interpersonal, and ensemble skills and to provide you the tools and techniques to enable you to find your artistic voice.


Inspired by some of the greatest teachers, innovators, and mentors in the art of improvisation of the past 40 years, our improv class curriculum teaches you our unique approach to Improvisation, the art of “long-form” improvisation, and the essential skills needed to perform one of the most innovative improv performance pieces known around the world, “The Harold”, a Chicago-born signature long-form structure.

Why take an improv class?

Improv training is not just meant improve your comedic skills on stage or writing,  it also helps with improving many facets of our personal lives. Improv classes are being taken more and more by artists and professionals in every field to help improve listening skills, team-work and collaboration skills, leadership skills, public speaking skills, and much, much more.

What is “long-form improvisation”?
Long-form improvisation is a unique art form that stresses agreement, honesty, intelligence, and support.

Armed with this training and their own imagination, a group of improvisers can take a single audience suggestion and begin to work as a group using a “group mind” to weave thoughts and themes inspired by the suggestion to help them create a world filled with wonderful characters and story lines that are built by the support and celebration of each others ideas.

The result is sometimes hilarious, sometimes poignant, but always wonderful.


With the help of some of the best improv instructors in the country, our improv curriculum will teach you  our unique approach to the art of  improvisation along with essential listening skills,  team-focused collaboration skills, and  exceptional support skills to help make you a more confident, supportive, and reliable player in any type of improvisational performance.

You will also find that the skills and techniques you learn at HOME can also be instrumental in helping you become an overall better listener, speaker, and collaborator in your personal life as well.


Taught by experienced instructors in their field, our 8-week writing program will teach you the essential skills needed to write for various TV formats like Talk Shows, Saturday Night Live, Sitcoms, and more!


We offer a variety of unique workshops throughout the year that focus on improv, acting, writing, and more!


As a student, you can take advantage of free shows, discounted admissions, and local business discounts. All you need is your training center student ID!

You are joining a community of passionate artists, students pursuing comedy related careers, and people simply looking to enrich their professional and personal lives. Sign up for a class today and surround yourself with creative, passionate, and driven people just like you!.

Contact us if you’d like attract Home students with discounts or special offers at your business!


Your student ID allows you to attend most of our shows that are not sold out for free. We strongly encourage our students to watch shows in-between classes in order to see the process they are learning in class applied on stage by veteran performers and teachers.


At HOME, you instantly join a community that’s incredibly friendly and supportive. You will meet like-minded people that have the same drive and passion as you do and make friendships that can last a lifetime.


Our instructors are veteran performers and teachers f the Chicago improv and acting scene and are dedicated to providing you the tools and techniques that enable their students to find their artistic voices.


In addition to our nightly specials, students enjoy a discount on select bar and menu items. Ask your bartender for more details.


Located at 2843 N. Halsted, The Home Comedy Theater is a short walking distance from the Halsted bus stop, the Diversey Brown/Purple line, Wellington Brown/Purple line, and Belmont Red/Brown/Purple line stops.


In addition to Improv classes, we also offer a full Writing program, Film Production classes, and electives to help you develop whatever comedy or personal skills you need!

While no one is guaranteed a performance opportunity, our students will get opportunities throughout the year to perform on our stage via student and theater-run shows .
Following the completion of their last level, students have the chance to be chosen to become part of a Home ensemble that performs “The Harold”, a globally-known improv performing pieces created in Chicago, or by submitting an original improvised show or sketch idea.

Contact us if you’d like more information about our Training Center.

For specific class policies and registration FAQs, go here.

Is there an age limit?

18 and older. However, we do offer custom tailored workshops for youth groups.

What should I bring to class?

Energy, a good attitude,  and a willingness to allow yourself to have fun. Although it is not a requirement, students are free to bring notebooks for taking notes if they’d like.

Do I need to audition to take a class?

Nope! Simply register for a class and you’re in!

If I need to take a break for a term, can I return later?

Yes. You can take a break and resume your next class level upon return.

Will I be placed on a performance team after I graduate from the Training Center?

While no one is guaranteed a performance opportunity upon graduation, students will get opportunities throughout the year to perform on our stage via student and theater-produced shows. Following the completion of their last level, graduating classes will get a chance to become an ensemble that will join our performance schedule performing the improv piece, “The Harold” for live audiences, or by submitting an original improvised show or sketch idea.

In addition, while going through classes, students will get opportunities throughout the year to perform on our stage via student and theater-produced show.

How long do classes last?

Our classes run in eight-week sessions. Classes meet once a week for 3 hours. (Session length might be modified depending on Holidays)

If I have prior improv experience, can I skip a level?

If your improv experience consists of having taken more than one level of improv classes from an improv theater (iO, UCB, etc.), exceptions could be made where you will be allowed to register for any level you think you will be comfortable in, given your prior  experience.

Having said that…
We have a unique approach to improvisation and a progressive training center where each level is built upon the previous one.

In addition, although there could be exceptions made for one to start their curriculum at higher levels, our philosophy is that nothing builds ensemble like going through the trenches together, so we highly encourage all new students to start at level 1.

(Please call our training center to discuss exceptions before registering for a class)

I already know I will be missing at least 2 classes, should I still register for a class?

NO. If you already know you will be missing at least two classes of the class you want to take, things are still bound to come up that might cause you to miss a third class, which will then prevent you from moving on to the next level.

Where do I start?

Check out our upcoming schedule, pick a class, then register for a class!




(312) 488-9528

The Home Comedy Theater is within a short walking distance from the Halsted bus stop (Bus #8), the Diversey Brown & Purple line, the Wellington Brown & Purple line, and the Belmont Red, Brown, & Purple line train stops.


Chicago’s premier venue for improv comedy and training.